Soul :: Our Trusted Guide

Our Soul  is our true Self. When you connect with your inner self, your true potential begin to manifest in your life.
When you connect with the purpose of your Soul, you arrive at the path of the magical possibilities. The connectivity with your Soul represents the magic of     possibilities, discipline, focus and inner-wellness.

At Sanmatra Foundation we believe that people do not need to be rescued or saved, but need knowledge of their own power and how to access it.  help you to gain connection with the Universal Divinity by understanding the subtle inner sciences and energy dynamics through         meditation and righteous living by yourself. Thus achieving the optimal well-being in your daily life.

Enliven Your Soul Workshops are simple meditation techniques structured to empower you to live a spiritually successful life by aligning with the purpose of     your Soul.

A purposeful life roots itself in a pure Soul.



Know Your Soul.
At Sanmatra Foundation we help you to understand your mind, functioning of your mind & how to use mind as a tool to fulfill the maximum potential you possess.

Know  Your Divinity.
At Sanmatra Foundation we help you to understand how we behave in various situations, and how you react to situations  which can make or break your success in life.</p>

Know Your Purpose.
At Sanmatra Foundation we help you to understand how you develop the self image to make way for more success in your life.